Most Common Driving Offences in the UK

Ask any driver if they have ever been guilty of speeding and most will respond that they have. The drivers that say they have never found themselves speeding might not be being totally honest! We’ve all done it, whether that’s racing up the motorway to try and claw back time from sitting in traffic, or going a bit over the speed limit late at the night when the roads are quiet and empty. Most drivers though are sensible enough not to go around speeding and racing all of the time, but some are not and those types of drivers will likely get caught and find themselves at some point in their driving career classed as a convicted driver.

Speeding Fines Are the Most Common Driving Convictions

Predictably, speeding is the most common driving conviction, and it’s probably because people think they can get away with it – obviously that’s not the case all of the time. What probably helps catch drivers racing around or speeding is the numerous speed cameras on UK roads. With many speed cameras not turned on in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, many drivers risk it and continue speeding when they see a camera. Couple that with unmarked police cars of all varieties on the motorways, and speeding drivers are an easy fine. Those who get caught speeding will be wacked with a fine and an SP driving conviction code on their licence.

Drink Driving

Despite drink driving being a serious offence, it’s still surprisingly common. Gone are the days of men leaving the pub to pile into their car parks for the drive home; it’s mostly people thinking they’re ok to drive and underestimating their ability to process alcohol – which is why many campaigns are going with a ‘drink or drive’ approach. Whilst fines can be given out for drink driving offences on a small scale, drink driving offences are often punished with driving bans. This ultimately leads to hefty insurance bills, leading drivers to look for Convicted Driver insurance, as a DR code on their licence is not something mainstream Car insurance providers find attractive.

Using a Mobile Phone

Just like speeding, using a mobile phone behind the wheel is something many drivers think they can get away with and that’s just how they end up becoming convicted drivers. Landing you with a CU80 conviction code, using a mobile phone behind the wheel is an easy way to become a convicted driver, and if you have held your licence for less than two years, you’ll receive an automatic ban – that’s because using a mobile phone will land you with six points as well as a fine. Even if you aren’t a young driver, it’s still not worth risking using your mobile phone behind the wheel simply because you are putting yourself and other road users at risk.

Driving Without Insurance

After being convicted of a driving offence many convicted drivers may and try to get away with driving without insurance. Even if they don’t have a driving conviction, some people still try to get out of driving with a valid insurance policy in the hopes they don’t get caught. However, drivers who do forgo insurance for their car are often not the most considerate drivers and are often caught out for other motoring infractions such as speeding. This will not only land them with points and fines for whatever infraction they are pulled over for, but a big fat fine and an IN10 conviction code will be added to their licence for driving without insurance.


From speeding to driving without insurance, there are hundreds of driving convictions that could easily land you fines, points, driving codes added to your licence and possibly a custodial sentence. For some minor speeding offences you will often only receive a few points and a fine, and in these cases your Car insurance won’t be affected much by it, other than maybe a slightly higher premium on renewal. However, for more serious driving offences such as ones leaving you with a driving ban, you’ll be forced to go to a Convicted Driver insurance specialist to get insured and it still won’t be as cheap as your pre-driving conviction insurance premium was.